WTT in California

At the end of July, Shelby will go off again to her next tournament in San Diego, California. Only, this time, it won’t be for wheelchair tennis. Invited to play in the World Team Tennis (WTT) Junior Nationals, Shelby will be one of six players representing Hawaii at the event.

In 1974, WTT was co-founded by Billy Jean King, a pioneer in tennis who advocated social equality between genders. It is one of the most popular recreational tennis formats in the US, and a well-known professional tennis league.

Baron served in the 2012 World Team Cup finals in May © Jeremiah Yolkut

Last October, Shelby and her junior team made it to the Junior Team Tennis (JTT) Nationals, and was the first wheelchair player to compete in that event. Read about what was said about her that week here! Like the JTT Nationals, the WTT tournament will be similar in difficulty for the Hawaii team, but Shelby and her teammates are training every week to prepare for the prestigious event. On the side, Shelby has been visiting the weight-room three times a week at 7:30 in the morning and going to basketball once a week for cross training. She hopes her hard work will show in her game as she moves towards her next tournaments in San Diego, and possibly even Taipei in September.

This event will be a another great adventure as she’ll meet different people from around the US and hopefully inspire other junior wheelchair players to come out and play tennis. She’s come far, and her travels have brought her irreplaceable memories and experiences. Who knows, maybe she’ll even be able to meet Billy Jean King, herself…